LOCATION: Yadana Field, Andaman Sea, Myanmar

OPERATOR: Total E&P Myanmar

PRODUCTS HIGHLIGHTED: FA-1® casing running tool (CRT), HORSESHOE® elevator

CHALLENGE: Frank’s customer, Total, required an efficient casing while drilling (CwD)* solution for a Myanmar drilling project

SOLUTION: Frank’s supported the operation from our Malaysia operations base and mobilized equipment into Myanmar. Our FA-1® casing running tool (CRT) equipped with Frank’s HORSESHOE® elevator, was run in conjunction with Schlumberger’s TD Direct CD CwD technology. The scope of this project included four (4) wells, all of which were drilled with 13 ⅜-inch 61ppf L80 VAM TOP® casing string , 12 ¼-inch mill tooth bit, and 16-inch under reamer below a 9 ⅝-inch mud motor. Total was able to drill the section down to a measured depth of 800m with an inclination of 45 degrees.

RESULTS: While rotating the casing in this vibration-intensive operation, Frank’s FA-1 CRT operated in excess of 14,000 ft-lb of torque and up to 40rpm, with a pumping pressure of around 800psi. No modifications to the tool were needed to complete this complex job.

Paying close attention to tool temperature and anti-rotation arm, while keeping the grease points well-serviced, was critical to Frank’s success, as the average time spent on string rotation ranged from zero (0) (sliding) to twelve (12) minutes (rotary drilling) per joint. Additionally, Frank’s reliable elastomer packer cup was used for all four (4) jobs without replacement.

 *More about casing while drilling (CwD): CwD helps eliminate traditional casing runs and mitigates problematic drilling formations by isolating troublesome geology. A standard casing string with an attached drill bit replaces the conventional drill string method. The CwD method eliminates the need to trip out of the hole to drill and set casing by allowing operators to do both simultaneously.

Frank’s CwD service provides customers with a way to maximize efficiencies, reduce costly non-productive time, and provide better control of annular losses incurred with traditional drilling methods. Frank’s has an established record of supporting CwD projects worldwide. For more information, please contact us.