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Industry Firsts

Frank’s culture of innovation has yielded more than a dozen record-breaking string weights or reductions in run time. Over the decades, we have pioneered singular technologies for casing, completions and tubulars, including:

  • The Frank’s patented FA-1® casing running tool, which was successfully deployed on the industry’s first 30-inch casing while drilling job
  • First to run a string weight reduction system that included the Frank’s patented 1,250-ton Buoyancy Module Spider, helping achieve a nearly 250,000-pound reduction in total weight
  • The Frank’s RTS Remote Control Fluid Grip® System, the first 100% non-marking power tong system designed to operate without personnel around well center. Once the RTS Remote Control Fluid Grip® system is rigged up and ready to perform, it’s all hands out of the red zone.
  • First to introduce high-capacity casing handling equipment for deepwater and ultra-deepwater
  • First to introduce a tong capable of handling 300,000 foot pounds
  • The only Fluid Grip® technology and patented Collar Load Support (CLS™) system that eliminates die penetration marks to mitigate corrosion concerns and prolong well stability
  • The first landing string elevators and spiders rated to 1250 tons, followed by the first landing string equipment for 1500 tons
  • Premium, patented Xtreme3™ connectors that withstand the extreme tension, extreme compression and extreme bending common in deepwater and ultra-deepwater
  • Our Drill String Torque Reducer (DSTR™) sub that prevents damaging casing wear and frictional torque losses from drill pipe rotating in the casing and wellbore
  • The industry’s first Top Tension Risers (TTR) fabricated by a tubular service company
  • The first to develop 42-in. and 48-in. premium threaded connectors and associated handling equipment for large OD pipe

Looking ahead to future needs

As oil and gas reaches new frontiers, Frank’s experts and reliable equipment are there to meet our customers’ evolving needs – even in extreme depths, HPHT environments and other challenging conditions.

To ensure that Frank’s technologies and services continue to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, we have developed a long-term technology strategy that includes a clear definition of the Well and the Rig of the Future. Some key focus points include:

  • Safety: Holding the protection of personnel, property, and the environment paramount
  • Standardization: Designing technologies to a uniform architecture to facilitate ease of maintenance, increase in application efficiency, and quality of service while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Efficiency: Realizing gains in efficiency through reduction in cycle time, reduction and elimination of non-value-added time, working in parallel sequences, and process changes
  • Cost Reduction: Providing a reduction in total cost to Frank’s and to our customers
  • Reliability:  Ensuring our technologies and services are right the first time, every time
  • Well Integrity: Providing value-added technologies and services to preserve and assure well integrity

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