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Product Design

Drawing on more than four decades of experience in tubular running services, Frank’s International started engineering our own equipment and products in 1977. Today, we are a trusted global leader in custom engineering and design of equipment that maximizes operational efficiencies while minimizing safety risks.

Technology for evolving needs

Frank’s is addressing the industry’s near-term and long-term technology needs for casing, completions and tubulars – from researching emerging and disruptive technologies, to designing breakthrough new products for the Rig of the Future and the Well of the Future, to supporting existing core products.

Frank’s employs some of the most skilled, experienced engineering professionals in the business. Our engineers work close to our customers and their assets in oil and gas producing regions around the world. All technology prototypes are built and tested at Frank’s dedicated Technology Development Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Frank’s engineering and technical support professionals ensure that all equipment consistently delivers safe and reliable service that exceeds customer expectations. We also provide engineering and implementation support for major customer-specific projects globally.

Real-time feedback

To ensure that our technology works as intended, Frank’s operations experts on the rigs are integral to our product development process. Our rig supervisors work closely with our engineers to develop equipment running procedures that stand up to our harsh working conditions.

A Frank’s engineer is on site for the initial run of new technology and communicates constantly with the rig on subsequent early runs to make adjustments quickly. This real-time feedback reduces time to commercialization and increases the success rate for Frank’s technology in the field.


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