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Testing & Quality

We subject all Frank’s International technology and equipment to a rigorous testing process to demonstrate that it will stand up to the most challenging operating conditions.

Experts at Frank’s dedicated Technology Development Center in Lafayette, Louisiana, build and test all of our prototypes. With a 6 million-pound tensile test capacity and a test area in excess of 25-ft. long and 9.5-ft.wide, we offer one of the largest and most versatile facilities in the world for load testing and inspection of handling and hoisting equipment. Frank’s has seven load test frames, including a 6 million-pound frame, 2 million-pound frame, and a 4 million-pound frame, that allow for testing of full length bails and elevators rigged up as they would be in the field. Frank’s training rig and rig up station allow for simulated field environment testing of all prototypes that are developed prior to field deployment.

The Technology Development Center is equipped with full lab capabilities, including a strain gage lab, electronics lab and metallurgical lab.

Frank’s metallurgical lab allows us to simulate and analyze real-world conditions encountered in today’s well designs and environments using some of the latest advances in metallurgical technology. With a special emphasis on the research and development of corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) tubular running, this unique facility enables the design and manufacture of equipment to handle these specialized tubulars without compromising service life or well integrity.

In addition to following API and ISO standards for design, manufacture, testing and inspection, Frank’s tests our equipment above and beyond industry requirements to give our customers confidence in our technology.

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