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Load Testing, Mock-up, and Operational Testing

Load Testing

Frank’s has seven load test frames, ranging in calibrated load capacity from a few thousand pounds to six million pounds, that allow for testing of full length bails and elevators rigged up as they would be in the field. With a test area exceeding 25 feet long and 9 1/2 feet wide, our six million pound test frame offers one of the largest and most versatile facilities in the world for load testing and inspection of handling and hoisting equipment.

Mock-up and Operational Testing

Our Lafayette, Louisiana; Dubai, UAE; and Aberdeen, Scotland, locations each house an operational drilling rig to fully simulate and validate our technologies under real world conditions. These rigs range in hoist capacity from 150 short tons to 250 short tons, are equipped with vertical and horizontal well sections, and offer attached or adjacent classrooms for training purposes.

Frank’s also offers a rig-up station to simulate field environment testing of all prototypes prior to deployment. This station has a 20,000 pound lifting capacity and is equipped with a 49 1/2-inch rotary and 120-foot-deep well.

Additional operational testing capabilities include a dynamic 300,000 ft-lbf capacity tong test stand, API 10D centralizer sub test stands, 25,000psi hydrostatic test pumps with up to 60-foot-long blast chambers, and a 10BPM flow loop with API 10F-compliant mud.

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