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Bucking Services

Innovative technology for downhole casing & completion accessory assembly and coupling installation

Frank’s International’s wide array of bucking services includes portable assembly machinery, bucking facilities and experienced personnel to make-up or break-out tubular connections in a horizontal position. Our innovative bucking technology and pipe assembly services are deployed globally – including the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Middle East, Brazil, West Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Our crews preassemble and store float equipment, bottom hole assemblies, CRA completion accessories and other fixtures, and perform hydrostatic pressure testing. Preassembly saves valuable rig time for our customers and helps identify potential interface issues. Bucking equipment inventory extends to conventional and double-jointing assembly units, Data-Trek® Advantage torque turn monitoring system, dump valves and all accessories. Every make-up is saved electronically for future analysis, including for use by our customers in troubleshooting wellbore integrity issues. When Frank’s suite of technology is utilized during operations, the combined data provides a complete picture of downhole integrity.

Subsea handling equipment can be easily converted with crossover pup joints to accommodate different casing or drill pipe landing string threads. This saves rig time on critical path and reduces risks to making changes on location.

Frank’s completely self-contained trailer-mounted mobile Fluid Grip® bucking machine saves time and enhances safety by loading and unloading pipe for coupling installation from any height and offering completely automated joint handling. The mobile bucking unit can be set up in minutes at any location to service Gulf of Mexico and U.S. land operations. By utilizing Frank’s Fluid Grip® tong technology to run corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) tubulars, we provide the industry’s only true non-marking handling solution.

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