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Casing While Drilling

Frank’s International’s proven casing while drilling (CwD) capabilities have been successfully applied to projects around the world, providing customers a way to maximize efficiencies, reduce costly non-productive time and provide better control of annular losses associated with traditional drilling methods. Results from multiple projects have demonstrated time savings up to 26% as compared to conventional drilling and casing operations, with reduced operational and safety risks.  

CwD helps eliminate traditional casing runs and mitigates problematic drilling formations by isolating troublesome geology. A standard casing string with an attached drill bit replaces the conventional drilling methods. CwD removes the need to trip out of the hole to drill and set casing by allowing operators to do both simultaneously.

Our technology has been successfully deployed in conjunction with both directional and non-directional systems in the most demanding applications, working with leading service providers and operators.

A typical solutions package for CwD services involves a top-drive casing running tool, such as our FA-1®, equipped with our HORSESHOE® elevator technology. The Frank’s CwD solution has been effectively deployed in record-setting operations in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as projects in remote exploration regions such as Myanmar.

To learn more about Frank’s International’s casing while drilling capabilities, please contact us.

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