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075 - engineerEngineers

As one of the world’s most innovative companies in the development of offshore equipment and technology, Frank’s International employs a wide range of engineers—from mechanical engineers to those specializing in electrical, technical support, petroleum and much more. Regardless of your field of engineering, when you become part of the Frank’s team you will be challenged to create innovative and effective new tools and processes to solve problems and increase productivity for our customers. You will have the opportunity to achieve groundbreaking results that affect offshore companies worldwide—while also gaining the satisfying sense of accomplishment that comes from helping customers and truly making a difference in your field.

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083 project managerProject Managers

Frank’s International takes part in projects that literally span the globe—as evidenced by our locations in 60 countries covering six continents. As a project manager, you will have a great deal of responsibility—in addition to an outstanding opportunity to make your mark in the offshore tubular services industry. As a team leader, you will be in charge of everything from scheduling to logistics, personnel and much more. Working closely with both the client and your team members, your mission will be to guide important projects to a successful conclusion. It’s a dynamic, demanding position that will challenge your skills—while also bringing you the wonderful sense of accomplishment and career fulfillment that comes from a job well done.

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JCO_2703 - AdministrationAdministration

As a company that employs several thousand people, Frank’s International has many administrative positions ranging from management to secretarial, accounting, customer service and much more. Our administrative team has the tremendous responsibility of keeping our entire company running smoothly—handling everything from scheduling internal meetings to interacting with our customers, generating payroll checks and so much more. In a company our size, this is no small challenge. As part of our administrative staff you will need self-motivation, problem-solving skills and excellent people skills; teamwork and communication are a vital part of our administrative functions. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn, grow and advance your career with one of the leading tubular services companies in the world.

To start your career at Frank’s as part of our Administration team, click here to view available job openings.

030 skilled laborSkilled Labor

At Frank’s International, we are always looking for qualified craftsmen and skilled laborers to join our team. Our company handles projects for numerous customers worldwide—which requires quite a large workforce, from field hands to roustabouts, welders, machinists and many other craftsmen and laborers. At Frank’s, we consider our skilled laborers to be the backbone of our workforce. Without these hardworking employees, it would be impossible for our company to function. When you become part of the Frank’s team, you will be given the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects—some of which could take you to countries around the world. If you are just starting your career as a skilled laborer, Frank’s offers one of the most extensive training programs in the industry—as well as opportunities to become certified in your chosen field. Whether you are an experienced craftsman who is looking for better career opportunities—or a skilled laborer just starting out—Frank’s International is one of the best teams in the business.

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