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Vigilance™ Safety System


Connecting people and machines for a safer rig floor

The Vigilance™ safety system monitors the real-time location and movement of people and equipment on the rig floor or in other equipment-intensive environments. Through a tracking application configured with anti-collision rules specific to each piece of equipment, it prevents machine-person and machine-machine collisions by sounding alarms and halting the operation of equipment when a hazard is identified.

The Vigilance™ safety system works through a series of battery-operated tags mounted to tracked equipment and people, and anchors mounted around the rig floor, with position accuracy of up to 10 centimeters.

This portable system can be quickly and easily installed and configured onto any rig floor and is compatible with any equipment. As a safety and quality optimization tool, its data can inform after-action reviews, incident investigations, and process improvements by using the recorded people and equipment paths.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wireless tracking and communication through battery-operated tags and wired or battery-operated anchors
  • Tracking technology with position accuracy up to 10 cm in a work environment
  • Real-time 3D visualization and notifications via digital display console
  • Prevents person to machine and machine to machine collisions through machine interlocking
  • May be operated as a stand-alone solution or integrated with existing rig zone management systems or anti-collision systems
  • Data recording and logging allows for objective incident reconstruction
  • Tag designations that manage permits and track job site permissions by employee
  • Systems and data protected from cyber-intrusion

Common hazardous conditions addressed by the Vigilance safety system:

  • Workers between mechanized/automated tongs/roughnecks and well center
  • Workers under mechanized/automated handling equipment hanging from the top drive
  • Highly mechanized rigs were the driller has limited visibility of the entire rig floor
  • Workers in confined spaces, or spaces with low visibility
  • Environments with mechanized equipment with little to no zone management system


  • Drilling rigs – land and offshore
  • Refineries
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • All confined space environments where people and machines work and interact

Finalist for the 2018 World Oil Awards – Best Health, Safety, Environment / Sustainable Development – Offshore

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