After running and performing a primary cement job on their 18-inch liner, an operator was unable to achieve a test on the casing and was uncertain where it was leaking. The operator needed a cost effective and reliable solution to successfully determine where to perform a cement squeeze.



Blackhawk’s BRUTE® Packer and BRUTE® Unloader Circulating Valve were set and un-set multiple times along the length of the casing in an attempt to locate the source of the leak.
• Once the leak was located, a cement squeeze was initiated. Utilizing the Blackhawk Multiple Dart Catcher and two (2) Blackhawk Darts provided the operator with a mechanical barrier between the cement and mud, and an accurate indication to determine correct displacement on their cement squeeze.
• Blackhawk’s Wireless Cement Head with SKYHOOK™ Cement Line Make Up Device was utilized to circulate the wellbore, set the BRUTE® Packer, make up the cementing line, and launch the top and bottom dart catcher darts wirelessly.
• The Blackhawk Multi-Service Operator (MSO) was available to provide services for all of the Blackhawk products on location, greatly reducing personnel on board (POB) and associated costs.



• The operator was able to successfully test the casing multiple times along the casing length to determine where to mitigate the casing leak.
• Eliminated extra trips in the riding belt by utilizing our wireless cement head with the SKYHOOK™ device, saving rig time, and improving safety.
• Simplified operations and improved cost efficiency by providing one MSO to service and run the cement head, dart catcher, and packer.
• Eliminated the need to run other costly drillable-type products that would require an additional trip and equipment to drill-out.
• The operator successfully squeezed and tested the 18-inch casing using a suite of Blackhawk solutions.

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