Recently, the BRUTE® product line effectively demonstrated its high-pressure, high tensile capabilities, providing a safe and efficient solution to a complex deepwater operation.


During drilling operations on an offshore deepwater well, a temporary abandonment was necessary due to a regulated blow-out preventer (BOP) test requirement within the 9-7/8” section. The challenge presented was to install a mechanical barrier in compliance with regional government regulations and perform a high-pressure BOP blind shear ram test up to 8,000psi. These operations are required during most wellbore construction operations to ensure well integrity and security are maintained throughout multiple phases of the well.


The solution proposed was our 9-5/8” BRUTE® High Pressure/High-Tensile Storm System, consisting of the 9-5/8” BRUTE® Packer, BRUTE® 2 Storm Valve, and BRUTE® Bumper Sub.


This combination offered increased the operating envelope and ease of use. To ensure a successful testing operation, the Application Engineering group performed multiple calculations mitigating potential issues due to the large amount of force that would be seen within the testing operation.


The 9-5/8” BRUTE® system was successfully run to depth, set and disconnected.


Once disconnected, displacement was achieved through the overshot of the BRUTE® 2 Storm Valve at high rates, which was possible due to the robust design of the overshot sealing mechanism. Once this was complete, the work string was removed from the wellbore, maintaining isolation with the BRUTE® Packer and Storm Valve.


With the BRUTE® Packer and Storm Valve still set in the wellbore, an 8,000psi test was conducted, ensuring the BOPs were in operational compliance. The system was able to accommodate the required 8,000psi test and was then removed from the wellbore, where normal rig operations were able to resume.


Because we were already performing other services on location, a Multi-Service Operator was able to perform the required testing without supplemental personnel or logistics, decreasing the operator’s spread costs, simplifying logistical operations, and decreasing personnel-on-board (POB).


Operations such as these have the potential to become complicated in the event the listed equipment cannot perform to its rated parameters. Some storm systems require operators to add multiple steps into their already rigorous procedures, due to concerns about limitations of the equipment. It is important to understand the full ratings of all equipment being provided to ensure correct operations and to meet all safety and regulatory requirements.

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