An operator in Guyana was experiencing issues achieving a successful system integrity test after relatching the blow out preventer (BOP) to a subsea wellhead. To troubleshoot the issue the operator wanted to perform BOP testing, but not all the necessary test plug equipment was available from their third party vendor.



The operator approached Frank’s personnel about using the BRUTE® 2 Storm System that was on location for abandonment operations. After application details were vetted and approved by our experienced applications engineers, the BRUTE® 2 Storm Valve and BRUTE® Bumper Sub were run in combination with a third-party vendor’s blind shear ram test plug. The BRUTE® system and test plug bottom hole assembly (BHA) were deployed with 63,000 lbs. of tailpipe below the assembly, and both upper and lower blind shear rams were successfully tested to 3,500 psi.



After performing testing operations, the BRUTE®2 Storm Valve functioned open and the BHA was retrieved and returned to the surface with no issue. The versatility and modularity of the BRUTE® Valve System allowed the operator to perform the required system troubleshooting without sourcing additional equipment and delaying rig activities. This prevented the operator from having to pull the BOP stack to the surface, saving 3-5 days of rig time and resulting in a cost savings of approximately $2 million.

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