A Gulf of Mexico E&P company wanted auto-fill float equipment on a short timeline without increasing their inventory.



While planning a 7 3/4” liner string, a Gulf of Mexico Deepwater operator was looking for auto-fill float equipment on a short timeline but was concerned about increasing their inventory with customized casing accessories due to unused backup equipment.


The CASELESS INSERTABLE™ Float System (CIFS) was selected, giving the operator a versatile solution for a float collar, landing collar, and guide or float shoe assembly. The CASELESS INSERTABLE™ Float System’s threadless interface removed the need to purchase float equipment with matching threads and metallurgy of their existing casing and required no additional manufacturing.



The CASELESS INSERTABLE™ Float System (CIFS) simplified operational logistics by providing an “off-the-shelf” solution that covered multiple well conditions. It eliminated the lead time required for manufacturing traditional float equipment and allowed the customer to have a back-up float system during operations without the requirement for customer-owned inventory after the job was completed.

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