The Frank’s International CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console was recently successfully deployed for a major operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The deployment included multiple casing rack backs and runs utilizing a variety of Frank’s technology to achieve nearly 30,000 ft. of casing installed and over 20,000 ft. of casing racked back. The rack back and runs consisted of 22-in., 16-in, and 12 ¼-in sizes utilizing wide track RTS Tongs, EXTENDED RANGE™ Elevators and Spiders, and Clamp Type Elevators, all controlled by a single operator.


Thanks to the CENTRI-FI™ system enabling the consolidated control of all equipment, the rig was able to reduce the number of personnel required for casing run and rack back operations to two operators per tower. This represented a reduction of one to two personnel per shift over typical requirements. The system also allowed the operator to control the equipment from inside the driller’s shack, improving communications and decreasing run times.  Along with improved running speed, the relocation of the operator increased safety and visibility into operations on the rig floor.


Robert Thibodeaux, Director, Casing Products & Services, commented, “Frank’s superior equipment and technology coupled with the wireless controls and flexibility of the CENTRI-FI™ system represents another step forward in reducing the risk of injuries on the rig floor while optimizing operations.”

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