Building on the initial deployment of the 14″ x 10 Ton Door Style Clamp Type Elevator (DSCTE™), the Frank’s International crew successfully deployed the first casing running tool (CRT) model of the 14″ x 10 Ton DSCTE on January 17–20, 2018.


The DSCTE-CRT was used during an offshore casing running operation for a supermajor operator in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Baku, Azerbaijan. Used in combination with Frank’s FX-600 CRT, the Frank’s crews successfully and safely ran 348 joints of 13 5/8″ casing.


A main advantage of the DSCTE-CRT is that no lift nubbins are required, which reduces the time to connect the joints and the need to have personnel in the red zone. The DSCTE is also compatible with all current Frank’s systems being used; therefore, there is no need to retrofit any equipment. This all results in a faster rig up and a safer operation.

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