An operator sought a solution to save time while circulating during a velocity string run.


A customer sought a time saving solution for running a 7-inch velocity string, including functionality that could assist the rig in quickly and effectively circulating while pulling the string out of the hole. The VERSAFLO™ Drill Pipe Module was selected for those tasks, as well as for use in flowback operations while running in hole to eliminate mud overflow from the casing.


In this operation, the Drill Pipe Module of the VERSAFLO™ tool was used for its hydraulically operated piston, which can extend and retract its sealing packer cup up to 24 inches of overall stroke. This tool was operated via wireless control providing for a safe, fast, and efficient circulation.


With the VERSAFLO™ tool, the customer was able to circulate within the limited window of pressure required to recover the 7-inch velocity string and accept flow back while running in hole. The VERSAFLO™ tool allowed for the use of the BX-4 elevator to run and pull doubles of the 7-inch velocity string during five different trips. The tool also reduced the number of personnel within the red zone, enhancing the safety of the work area while also reducing the risk of miscommunication.

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