On January 10, 2018, the Frank’s team successfully completed the world’s longest ISAPT lower completion for a supermajor customer on an offshore platform located off the eastern coast of Canada.


The job consisted of running approximately 1220 meters of Reslink ISAPT screens without incurring a single rejected connection, and well ahead of the allotted time for completion of the job.


The equipment used for the completion was as follows:
Frank’s International Collar Load Support (CLS™) System
• 350 Ton Shock Table c/w Reslink Landing Spear
• B+V Hydraulic CLS Elevator
Frank’s Backpacker™ Single Joint Compensator
• Frank’s CAMERON VPH Tong Hanging Adapter
• Frank’s 7 5/8-inch HT Close Proximity Tong


Special customer recognition was extended to the Frank’s team members offshore. The onshore team effectively prepared the lower completion package for the job, and all Frank’s equipment performed well without any NPT.

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