Frank’s was recently engaged in a job for a major operator in ultra-deepwater off the cost of Brazil.  Working aboard a 6th generation dual activity drill ship, Frank’s was presented with a unique challenge. The operator initially planned a typical approach that involved drilling out a 22-inch hole section and running 22-inch pipe, and then drilling out an 18-inch hole section and running 18-inch pipe. However, the customer determined there was an opportunity to eliminate setting the 18-inch section, and instead, set 22-inch pipe deeper in the well. While this approach had the potential to save considerable time and money, the total weight of the additional 22-inch pipe would push past the 500-ton limit of tools available in-country.


Frank’s responded by quickly mobilizing 22-inch 1,250-ton tools, and airfreighting them to location. With the additional weight capacity accounted for, Frank’s was able to run the extended string of 22-inch pipe approximately 5,300 feet, and eliminate the need to run the 18-inch string. By eliminating the need to run the 18-inch string, Frank’s saved the operator approximately seven days of rig time at an approximate spread cost of $850,000.

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