An operator in Mexico sought to deploy a dual mechanical barrier to safely change their wellhead while maintaining operational efficiency, as mandated by regulatory requirements in the region for temporary well suspension applications.



Two Frank’s BRUTE® Storm Systems were deployed and set at depths of 700 meters (2,296 feet) and 100 meters (328 feet) to create a retrievable dual-barrier system on the 14” casing string. The BRUTE® Storm System, comprised of the BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer, BRUTE® Storm Valve, and BRUTE® Bumper Sub, provides an even more reliable and effective temporary well suspension solution when used as a retrievable dual-barrier system, as the operator does not have the drill-out through the cement retainer.



The dual-barrier BRUTE® Storm Systems met the regulatory requirements set forth while preventing potential downtime by eliminating drilling-out times associated with standard drillable barriers. When compared to typical drillable dual-barriers, which often use cement retainers or cement plugs, Frank’s reliable and retrievable solution removed the potential for premature setting of drillable products or failed balanced cement plug placements. Successful deployment of the dual-barrier BRUTE® Storm Systems allowed the well to be safely suspended and prevented a well control incident from occurring during wellhead replacement operations.

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