On March 26, 2017, a Frank’s International crew aboard a drillship in the Gulf of Mexico landed out the first completion as part of a major field development.


Multiple new technologies were deployed on the completions run, including the Frank’s Hydraulic Control Line Spider (HCLS750), 7 5/8-inch 500-ton completions elevator, Cantilever COBRA™ control line manipulator arm and the remote control FLUID GRIP® tong.


The FLUID GRIP® tong was deployed first to build stands on the auxiliary side rotary. After which, the HCLS750, 500-ton completions elevator, Cantilever COBRA™ and remote control FLUID GRIP® tong were used to run 19,502 feet of 5.5-inch 23- and 26-pound per foot tubing and 4,000 feet of 7-inch vacuum insulated tubing (VIT), for a total buoyed weight of 659,304 pounds. The control lines included two flatpacks and four lines. The HCLS750 and Cantilever COBRA™ were then used for the 3,637-foot landing string with a 3.5-inch umbilical and two 0.43-inch lines. The total buoyed weight landed out was 763,814 pounds.


While the completion was acknowledged as being complex and full of challenges, the operator considered it a success. The well head was successfully tied in and made ready to produce.

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