A Delaware Basin E&P company looked to optimize lateral drilling performance.



A Delaware Basin E&P company was looking to optimize lateral drilling performance on four 2-mile laterals in the western section of the Delaware Basin. The company wanted to increase drilling performance while reducing NPT caused by changing out BHAs.


The 600 series HI TOOL® was selected in conjunction with the rotary steerable drilling BHAs to complete the four laterals. The HI TOOL® was placed between the rotary steerable tool and motor assist component, effectively decoupling the upper and lower BHA components. This placement reduced the vibrations created by the motor assist traveling through to the rotary steerable tool. This helped extend tool life while increasing performance.



The four lateral sections were each completed in a single run without having to trip to replace BHA components. Two of the laterals set company records, the first being a county record and the second being a Delaware Basin record.

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