An operator in the Middle East sought a solution to achieve vibration mitigation and bottom hole assembly (BHA) protection while drilling a 8 ½” lateral section. They also wanted to increase the overall efficiency of the drilling operation.



The HI TOOL® was selected to provide optimum vibration mitigation and BHA protection while drilling and was positioned above the logging while drilling (LWD) tool. This would decouple the drillstring from the important directional tools in the lower BHA. By protecting the lower BHA, the rotary steerable system (RSS) would track truer and the bit would stay directly engaged to the formation enabling a more efficient drill.



The presence of the HI TOOL® placed above the LWD tool allowed for an efficient re-distribution (decoupling) of the vibration energy back into the wellbore. This resulted in a more efficient transmission of torque/energy down to the bit for more efficient drilling and protected the LWD/MWD tools from vibrational harmonics. Mitigating these vibrations also allowed for the use of higher rotations per minute (RPM) with lower weight on bit (WOB). This helped to achieve higher penetration rates and more flexible control of WOB.


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