A West Texas operator sought a solution to optimize drilling capabilities



For this application, two wells utilized Frank’s 800 series HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool. The tool was placed above the RSS and MWD/LWD in order to protect these critical BHA components and support increased drilling parameters.



By reducing wear, the HI TOOL® extends the life of BHA components. It also allows the entire face of the bit to stay more directly engaged with the rock which results in a higher ROP.



The two wells utilizing the HI TOOL® were compared to two offset wells without any vibration mitigation strategies, with all wells operating within similar parameters. The wells with the HI TOOL® benefitted in multiple ways, including increased ROP, increased section length, reduced of number of trips, and reduced time to complete the lateral sections.



• Increased ROP by an average of 39%
• Increased section length by an average of 4200 ft.
• Reduced the average number of trips by 2.5
• Wells with the HI TOOL® completed the operation an average of five days sooner


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