A deepwater operator in Mexico sought a fill-up and flow-back tool to run 14” and 18” casing strings with 6-5/8” FH connections and have the ability to screw into the drill pipe and liner hanger string 5-1/2” connections if needed. Typically, when operators are faced with the challenge of having multiple connection sizes they are required to either use two tools to accommodate the different connections or install a crossover sub as a transition, taking up limited rig floor space and increasing overall rig time. To combat these obstacles, the operator sought a one tool solution that would accommodate both the 6-5/8” and 5-1/2” connections.



The Frank’s International VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series is a suite of tools designed to provide fill-up, flowback, and circulation through a single tool by accommodating both casing and drill pipe with minimal adjustments. The modular design of all VERSAFLO™ tools allow it to easily convert from casing to drill pipe configurations through our breakout plate, which eliminates the need to completely rig down to modify the tool for each application. While the original VERSAFLO™ HD is built to accommodate 6-5/8” connections, the VERSAFLO™ Switch delivers the same functionality with the added benefit of interchangeable rig end connections that make the tool compatible with 5” or larger rotary shoulder connections without the need to install additional equipment.



The VERSAFLO™ Switch eliminated the need to mechanically screw the top drive to the drill string to save an average of 4-5 minutes per stand, totaling ~11.5 hours. The operator successfully ran the 14’’ and 18’’ casing strings to total depth using the VERSAFLO™ Switch’s casing configuration for fill-up operations. Once the last stand of casing was run, the VERSAFLO™ Switch was converted to the drill pipe configuration to continue running in the hole with the landing string. The quick swap from casing to drill pipe application combined with the connection accommodations saved the operator an average of one hour of rig time compared to traditional methods with fill-up and flow back tools and allowed operations to quickly resume.

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