An operator sought a solution to save time while circulating during an expandable casing run.


The VERSAFLO™ Drill Pipe Module was used to save time while running an expandable liner down hole. With the aid of the VERSAFLO™ tool, the goal was for the rig to quickly and effectively circulate in and out of the wellbore while successfully expanding the casing.


In this operation, the Drill Pipe Module of the VERSAFLO™ tool was used primarily to eliminate the need for mechanically connecting the top drive to the drill string, allowing for increased tripping speed. The VERSAFLO™ tool prevents having to screw into string by using a pressurized sealed packer cup, which can maintain a seal for pressures up to 5,000 psi.


Not having to screw into the drill pipe to circulate while pulling to expand the casing greatly reduced the time required for the operation. The tool’s ability to screw in if needed allowed for it to rotate the casing through a tight spot. The versatility and ease of quickly interchangeable packer cup sizes allowed for time savings while tripping multiple sizes of drill pipe, and overall during the job. The customer was pleased with the performance of the VERSAFLO™ tool.


  • – Time savings overall and while tripping multiple sizes of drill pipe
  • – Eliminated the need to screw into the drill string
  • – Multiple sizes of drill pipe run

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