Case Studies

HI TOOL® Reduces Vibrational Shock in an Intermediate Section with RSS + Motor Assist
13 Aug 2020

Objective: A Delaware Basin operator sought a solution for RSS failures resulting from shocks and vibrations in their 8 3/4’’ hole section. The operator’s goal was to protect the MWD/RSS suite via improved drilling efficiency,..

DSTR™ Reduces Torque and Mitigates Stick-Slip in North Sea
13 Aug 2020

Objective: A North Sea Operator needed to mitigate 13 3/8” casing wear and torque during the drilling of a 12 1/4” section through chalk at a 60° inclination. Typically, in the southern North Sea high..

Drill String Torque ReducerDSTR
Frank’s International Cast Iron Cement Retainer Successfully Deployed in High Temperature Environment
24 Jul 2020

Objective: An operator in Mexico was experiencing issues successfully placing a balanced cement plug across a 5-7/8” open hole and a 7” liner shoe due to challenging well conditions.   Solution: Frank’s recommended the use..

BRUTE® Storm System Generates $2 Million in Customer Cost Savings by Performing Innovative Application
06 Jun 2020

Objective: An operator in Guyana was experiencing issues achieving a successful system integrity test after relatching the blow out preventer (BOP) to a subsea wellhead. To troubleshoot the issue the operator wanted to perform BOP..

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool Vibrational Shock Reduction in a Lateral Well with Rotary Steerable System
30 May 2020

An operator sought a solution to reduce BHA damages in West Texas.   Objective: An operator requested the 800 series HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool to mitigate the harmful vibration harmonics observed when drilling a..


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