Brute™ Storm System Sees First 2017 Hurricane Season Deployment

July 12, 2017

June 18, 2021

During the approach of Tropical Storm Cindy in June 2017, Blackhawk Specialty Tools, a division of Frank’s International, prepared and shipped nearly two dozen Brute™ Storm System assemblies to the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to support storm suspension and evacuation operations. Multiple units were run into wells ahead of the advancing storm.


The Blackhawk Brute™ Storm System, consisting of the Brute™ High-Pressure/High Tensile PackerBrute™ 2 Storm Valve, and Brute™ Bumper Sub, was developed to provide a reliable temporary abandonment system for operators facing inclement offshore weather or during equipment repairs. Commercialized since 2014, it is building a record of success with operators in the deepwater GoM.


While the storm traveled through the Gulf, rig operations were suspended and well evacuation plans were initiated, including well suspension with mechanical-type barriers, such as the Brute™ High-Pressure/High Tensile Storm System. Throughout the inclement weather delivered by the storm, the Brute™ systems functioned as expected, isolating the drill pipe for disconnection, helping to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment, and preserving the security of the well. Prior to and after the storm, the operational efficiencies delivered by the Brute™ system meant that operations were able to cease and restart quickly and safely, reducing rig costs and personnel exposure.


The storm system has also been effectively deployed during wellhead/blow-out preventer repairs. During a recent well control operation, the 18” Brute™ system displaced a total of 2,500 bbls at over 15BPM, allowing the well to be displaced, drillpipe to be removed quickly, and wellhead/BOP repairs to commence timely. It was also effective in isolating a 2,200 psi well kick, ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment.


Blake Arabie, senior technical advisor for Blackhawk, noted, “We were glad to be able to respond quickly and effectively to our Gulf of Mexico customers during the run up to Tropical Storm Cindy. With hurricane season now in full swing, the Brute™ systems help us to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends our way.”