Frank’s International VERSAFLO™ System Marks 100th Successful Run

July 14, 2019

During the week of June 3, 2019, the Frank’s International VERSAFLO™ Drill Pipe Flowback and Circulation System was deployed on its 100th successful run. Since its debut in August 2017, the VERSAFLO™ system has earned industry recognition for its ability to streamline drilling operations, such as circulating out drilling assemblies, while enhancing safety through the reduction of manual handling and tool change-outs, and removal of personnel from the red zone.  While traditional fluid management tools are specific to either drill pipe or casing, the VERSAFLO™ system requires only minor adjustments to support drill pipe and casing fill up, circulation and flowback operations.


Over its first three months of commercial availability, the first-generation VERSAFLO™ system saved operators an average of 5-7 minutes per stand through its ability to quickly form a hydraulic seal between the tubular in the elevators and the top drive. Those incremental savings accumulated to up to four hours per run depending on the landing depth. By mid-2019, the VERSAFLO™ system was averaging up to 8 minutes of connection time savings per pipe stand.


Following the success of the first-generation VERSAFLO™ system, Frank’s Introduced a Wireless VERSAFLO™ tool control adapter in early 2019, which is mounted directly on the VERSAFLO™ system.  This compact adapter operates the tool via a wireless transmitter controlled by a Frank’s field technician.  The wireless adapter allows for safer functioning of the tool’s hydraulically-operated piston by eliminating the need for a service loop suspended in the derrick.


Initially deployed in the Gulf of Mexico, the VERSAFLO™ system has seen rapid international adoption, including in Canada, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. To better accommodate the demand for this technology in shelf and land applications, Frank’s is developing a suite of offerings, referred to as the VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series, projected for release later this year that will provide the same functionality adapted to a wider range of connections and bail dimensions.