Case Studies

Composite Cement Retainer in Primary Cementing Aids to Recuperate Costly Rig Time
27 Jan 2021

Challenge: After setting a 9-3/8” liner on a deepwater drillship in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Laura forced an operator to evacuate and temporarily suspend their wellbore without performing the primary liner cementing operation. While..

VERSAFLO™ Switch’s First Run in Offshore Mexico Saves Average of 12.5 Hours with Multiple Drill Pipe Connections
27 Jan 2021

Challenge: A deepwater operator in Mexico sought a fill-up and flow-back tool to run 14” and 18” casing strings with 6-5/8” FH connections and have the ability to screw into the drill pipe and liner..

HI TOOL® Saves 40 Hours of Rig Time by Managing Vibrations and Stick-Slip
10 Dec 2020

Challenge: A major operator in the Middle East sought a solution to reduce high vibration levels and prevent bottom hole assembly (BHA) failures while drilling 6” laterals on an offshore well, which often lead to..

Frank’s International Deploys Dual-Barrier BRUTE® Storm Systems for Temporary Well Suspension
20 Nov 2020

Challenge: An operator in Mexico sought to deploy a dual mechanical barrier to safely change their wellhead while maintaining operational efficiency, as mandated by regulatory requirements in the region for temporary well suspension applications.  ..

Frank’s International Partners for Operator’s First Remote Well Suspension Operation
03 Nov 2020

Challenge: During major storm events, storm systems are needed to temporarily abandon offshore wells so rigs can move to a safe location. Ahead of Hurricane Delta entering the Gulf of Mexico, a major operator required..

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