Acquired by Frank’s International in 2016, our Blackhawk Specialty Tools division provides oil and gas operators with engineered solutions that improve performance and efficiency. Blackhawk has dedicated particular focus to critical processes in the life of the well such as cementing in deepwater, offshore plug and abandonment, preventing gas migration in shale wells, temporary abandonment storm packers and remediation tools.

Company History

Blackhawk was founded in Houston, Texas, in 2008 by Billy Brown, Ron Robichaux, Dean Robichaux, and Lawrence Brown, with the goal of supplying the deepwater industry with a better class of product and service. The company’s beginnings were guided by a technology strategy to innovate and bring to market a suite of best-in-class deepwater well construction tools.


In 2010, with the expansion of shale drilling and the Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling moratorium, Blackhawk turned to the land market, where the company’s cementing techniques were efficient in reducing gas migration in shale drilling.


Over the next few years the company expanded into multiple locations and redesigned its product offering to be more compatible with land rig and well profiles. Through a series of acquisitions, Blackhawk entered the service tool and well intervention market with a suite of storm and service packers, cement retainers and bridge plugs, and later added diverter tool and SSR plug business lines.



Blackhawk’s tradition of innovation and engineering excellence has earned industry acknowledgement. In 2016, Blackhawk was awarded the New Technology Development of the Year at the Texas Oil and Gas awards for the revolutionary SkyHook® technology, and in 2017, the same device was awarded the Occupational Health & Safety 2017 New Product of the Year Award in the Safety Barriers Category.

As a Frank’s International company, Blackhawk is part of an integrated well construction solutions provider with an international customer base and operational footprint.


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Surface Cementing Tools


When performing cement operations during well construction and/or abandonment, it is important to have equipment at the surface that is universal, fit-for-purpose, safe, and efficient.

Drillable Service Tools


Our drillable service tools and interventions deliver high quality and high performance during wellbore isolation, stimulation, remedial cementing, thru-tubing intervention, and plug and abandonment operations.

Downhole Cementing Tools


We offer a suite of downhole tools that allow the operator to have a better sense of what is occurring downhole to maximize successful cement jobs the first time.



Our BIG EASY® Frac Plug is a fully-composite frac plug that is used as a temporary barrier to separate stages or zones during stimulation or fracturing operations.

Casing Accessories


From centralizers and float equipment to stage tools, guide shoes, and wiper plugs, we have specialized solutions for a broad range of specifications.

Surge Reduction


With our surge reduction tools, operators can run casing in tight clearances, lowering risk of formation breakdown.

Retrievable Service Tools


Our retrievable service tools offer multi-purpose and cost-effective means to isolate portions of the well to perform remedial repairs, wellhead and/or BOP maintenance, and other temporary well isolation needs.

Find a Solution


We can create customized solutions for your project, no matter how complex. Use our solution finder to find tool packages that fit your needs.

Wireless Top Drive Cement Head with SKYHOOK™ Device

Our Wireless Top Drive Cement Head now features the most advanced wireless automation system available.

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