Frank’s International is the only company that offers a true corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) system.

Our corrosion resistant alloy product line includes our FLUID GRIP® technology and the patented Collar Load Support (CLS™) system. Developed with extensive testing through our in-house metallurgy lab, it eliminates die penetration marks to mitigate corrosion concerns and prolong well stability. The Frank’s non-marking tubular handling solution is ideally suited for sour-gas well completions. Our integrated suite includes the patented Collar Load Support (CLS™) system and FLUID GRIP® tong. This tool combination protects CRA tubulars during running and retrieval operations. The elimination of bite marks during handling allows these specialized tubulars to retain their protective qualities in corrosive environments. This prevents the damage that leads to corrosion cracking, preserving the integrity of the well and extending the well life cycle.


For Onshore and Offshore Applications

Frank’s offers CLS™ systems tailored to both offshore and onshore applications. Our next generation 27 1/2-in. CLS, which mounts on a shock table above the rotary, is suitable for smaller rigs common to U.S. and Middle East land operations. Our traditional CLS™ systems range from 3 1/2-in. to 7-in., with safe working load ratings up to 350 tons. The Frank’s sour service offering continues to evolve to accommodate increasingly complex completions and trends towards automation. Our efforts are supported by the work of our in-house metallurgy lab, which allows us to test materials and equipment designs against corrosion cracking and other threats to well integrity.

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