The 500-ton Hydraulic Control Line Spider has a capacity of 500 tons and EXTENDED RANGE™ capabilities.

  • EXTENDED RANGE™ capabilities allow tool to run tapered tubing strings with only minor adjustments and without changing slips
  • Equipped with Frank’s unique spider/elevator interlock system, which ensures the spider/elevator is properly set on the pipe before the companion tool is allowed to open
  • Up to a 16 3/4-inch pass through diameter that provides the ability to pass large OD control line or umbilical clamps through the tool body
  • The foot pedal operated rotating control line guard ensures that the control lines are secured into the protective sleeve before the slips are allowed to close
  • Able to accept up to a 4-inch umbilical
  • 50,000 pounds slip set force ensures a positive grip on hard chrome pipe and prevents slippage
  • Top cover rated to 100 tons

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