The ANACONDA® Thread Protector’s patented technology replaces standard thread protectors, fits all thread designs, and is used for rack back casing application. It fits securely on the pipe body to fully protect threads. Simple installation of the ANACONDA® Thread Protector requires no special tools, and removal from the pipe increases safety and efficiency during operation. Rack Back ANACONDA® Thread Protectors are available in various sizes to maximize derrick rack back spacing.

  • Maximum holding force with patented gripping design; will not slide off
  • No inflatable parts to puncture
  • Supports doubles or stands of racked back casing (tested to 25,000 pounds)
  • Clamps on pipe body to fully protect threads
  • 60% faster installation/removal compared to factory protectors
  • Mill thread protectors can be removed on the pipe rack
  • Available in 4 1/2- to 18 5/8-inch sizes

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