The BACKPACKER™ Compensator System is designed to aid in the running and pulling of premium threaded tubulars. Use of this system allows the driller to position the add-on joint or stand just above the box connection. From that point, the Backpacker™ controls all joint/stand movement. The BACKPACKER™ is referred to as the “intelligent compensator” due to its unique feature whereby each joint or stand is individually weighed by the BACKPACKER™ system. Using the unique joint or stand weight, the BACKPACKER™ allows the joint or stand to be compensated such that only a minimum axial load is applied to the pin/box threads being made up. With this level of compensation control, premium connections can run with confidence that the pin nose will not be damaged during stab-in and galling will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

  • Supports the weight of the joint or stand such that little weight is on the threads of connection during rotation for make-up or back out of a threaded connection
  • Stainless steel remote control cabinet with air/hydraulic control system controlled from rig floor
  • Can be used for single joints or stands of pipe
  • Works during make-up or back-out

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