The Frank’s International BLACK GOLD™ Dissolvable Frac Plug is a high-performance plug used as a temporary barrier to separate zones during fracturing or stimulation operations. The BLACK GOLD™ design offers the most advanced dissolving materials on the market with no elastomer sealing elements and minimal rubber components. The BLACK GOLD™ offers a solution for any fracturing operation, especially those in long extended reach laterals where coiled tubing weight is limited during mill-out operations.

  • Key Benefits and Features
    • Dissolvable materials eliminate the requirement for intervention to improve the overall value of the asset by increase the time to production and risks associated with plugremoval
    • Slim-hole, compact design allows for increases pump rates and tripping efficiencies by increasing line speeds during run-in-hole operations to reduce overall spread cost
    • Large flow-through ID allows for immediate flowback, well cleanup, and quick dissolve rates to increase operations efficiencies
    • Slip design, extrusion ring, load transfer, and cone profiles minimize the risk of swabbing, premature setting, and use of rubber elastomer components
    • Proprietary rapid dissolving material reduces time intervals between frac stages

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