Our BLACK GOLD™ Dissolvable Frac Plug is a high-performance frac plug used as a temporary barrier to separate stages or zones during stimulation or fracturing operations. The BLACK GOLD frac plug design offers the most advanced dissolving materials, and unlike most designs on the market, contains no elastomer sealing element with minimal rubber components.


As no intervention is required to remove the frac plug, time to production can be decreased, improving the overall value of the asset.

  • Manufactured using advanced dissolving materials
  • The larger flow-through ID assists in immediate flowback, well cleanup, and quick dissolve rates
  • Eliminates the costs and risks of frac plug removal
  • Slip design, extrusion ring, load transfer, and cone profiles minimize the risk of swabbing, premature setting, and prevents the need for rubber elastomer components
  • Compact design allows for quicker tripping times and higher pump rates, increasing operator efficiencies and reducing overall spread cost

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