The Frank’s International BLACKHAWK® Rotating Plug Launcher is ideal for rotating while cementing surface casing strings in shale or shallow water. The BLACKHAWK® Rotating Plug Launcher can be configured with multiple chambers to adapt to any primary cementing application and can be upgraded with an optional wireless automation system.


Watch an animation on the BLACKHAWK® Wireless Top-Drive Cement Head with SKYHOOK® Cement Line Make-Up Device:


  • Standard Features and Benefits
    • Universal design facilitates the operational flexibility to drop multiple styles of wiper plugs
    • Industry-exclusive LED tattle-tale enables visual and audible confirmation of wiper plug release toeliminate need for personnel to manually confirm from the rig floor
    • Industry-exclusive inspection port on each chamber allows for viewing inside the cement head,improving operational efficiencies by ensuring proper load out and release of wiper plugs
    • Full “flow-around” cage allows plugs to be pre-loaded to reduce rig time and improve operationalefficiency
    • High-pressure swivel facilitates high RPMs and long-duration rotation while conditioning and cementing to improve quality of cement job
    • Swivel can be removed from assembly when pumping cement through the top-drive to reduce overall length for various applications
    • Isolation valve above tool isolates top-drive during cementing operations for added tool protection
    • For 5-1/2” only – isolation valve below tool completely isolates plug launcher and allows isolation flange to be made up for wireline re-entry intervention to perform well control operations
    • Patented hold down rotating swivel for 9-5/8” and 13-3/8” holds negatively buoyant casing to rig floor for increased safety during operations
    • Administrative CE marking available for required environments


  • Optional Wireless Features and Benefits
    • Includes cementing plug valve, pin pullers, ball droppers and wireless isolation valves that eliminate hydraulic umbilical lines to reduce the number of riding belt trips above the rig floor
    • Fully-wireless automation system eliminates the requirement to pause pumping, reciprocating, or rotating during cementing operations to enhance operational efficiencies
    • Manual backup on all remote-operated features ensures redundancy and risk-free operation
    • Continuous wireless link monitoring and radio signal filtering blocks Wi-Fi® and other wireless transmission interference for increased reliability
    • ATEX Zone 1, IECEx, and UL Class I, Division 2 safety certifications available for required environments

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