The Frank’s International BRUTE® Bumper Sub is a heavy-duty travel joint designed to withstand sustained torque under severe operations, such as temporary well abandonments. The BRUTE® Bumper Sub is primarily designed to provide reliable temporary abandonment solutions when assembled with the BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer and BRUTE® Storm Valve to form the BRUTE® Storm System.

  • Key Benefits and Features
    • Completely pressure balanced to permit free travel through full stroke of the sub and eliminate risk of damaging the sub, mis-setting packer, and disconnecting from storm valve
    • Proprietary hexagon mandrel design provides larger contact area to eliminate torque limitations for increased operational reliability when deploying the BRUTE® Storm System
    • Through-bore access permits full circulation at all times for increased reliability
    • Four-foot free travel stroke allows for reliable downhole tool manipulation as a motion compensator

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