The BRUTE-FORCE™ Integral Circulating Valve is the first within the industry to be tested to ISO14310/API11D1 and API 19AC V3 Annex A/D standards and has been designed for the most rigorous testing and circulating applications. It provides a safe and efficient method of performing negative/inflow tests using our BRUTE™ Retrievable Service Packer and serves as both a circulating and fluid bypass valve.


The splined mandrel design eliminates the need for rotation of the tubing to function the circulating valve or the packer assembly after displacing with alternative fluids, allowing for quick valve manipulation during any well control event.


Among its advantages, the BRUTE-FORCE™ Integral Circulating Valve has been validated at V3, requiring maximum pressures, pressure reversal, axial loads, and temperature cycling for consistent performance. During validation, multiple open/close cycles while unloading pressure at temperature were completed, ensuring the valve will maintain well integrity during any well control operation. It is also adaptable to any BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer for flexible application.

  • Enables cycling of the high-flow valve without removing the set down weight above the BRUTE® Packer
  • Maintains packer seal integrity during fluid circulation
  • High flow rates improve efficiencies of large circulation applications such as negative tests or riser displacements
  • Well control is maintained while monitoring pressure through the packer and valve system
  • Fluid can be circulated to kill the well

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