The BRUTE® High-Tensile/High-Pressure Retrievable Service Packer is designed for general purpose high-pressure and high-tensile service work. The hydraulically-operated upper hold-down buttons anchor the packer with differential pressures from below. The packer is available with carbide trim buttons and slips for high-strength casing and longer service life.

Watch an animation on the BRUTE® System:

  • Sizes from 9-5/8” to 18”
  • Supports tailpipe loads up to 1,000,000 lbs
  • API 11D1/ISO 14310 V3 validation completed
  • Increased slip area and secondary mandrels allows for increased hang-off capacities combined with high pressures
  • Enhanced drag block design eliminates the risk of damaging the drag blocks, or worse, losing the drag blocks in the well
  • Triple element design provides increased pressure ratings and redundant sealing capability
  • Carbide trim on dual drag blocks, dovetail slips, and buttons for hard casing and long field life
  • Multiple sets allowed with simplistic design with only quarter-turn to set, straight pickup to unset and release

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