The BRUTE® Heavy Duty Unloader Circulating Valve is a locked open/locked closed valve that serves as both a circulating valve and bypass with the ability to withstand severe operating conditions. The large ports of the BRUTE® Unloader provide a means of equalizing the work string and annulus pressures as well as provide a flow path above the BRUTE®/HD Packer. Multiple operations may be performed with the BRUTE® Unloader Valve such as circulating or spotting fluids, circulating well debris, high pressure casing tests, and reducing the surging/swabbing effect when running in tight tolerance applications. The BRUTE® Unloader Valve is run above the BRUTE®/HD Packer in the open position and once the packer is set, the BRUTE® Unloader Valve will automatically go into the closed position. The J-Slot in the BRUTE® Unloader valve can be locked in both open and closed positions ensuring a safe and efficient operation.

  • Fully compatible with BRUTE®/HD Packer System
  • Can be locked in open or closed position
  • Large bypass area for fluid circulation
  • High hanging weight capacity for long tailpipe below packer

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