Frank’s International’s patented CASELESS INSERTABLE™ Float System is a unique, streamlined solution that allows operators to install a float valve or guide shoe directly into their casing. Its threadless interface eliminates the need to match casing grade and connections, giving operators an “off the shelf” float system solution. This enables operators to reduce lead times and recognize significant cost reductions by eliminating the need to pre-order and store additional inventory.

Modular Design

  • Can be easily configured to various operational requirements so one product can work with all casing connection types and material grades.
  • Allows top landing cap or float to be changed pre-installation without additional manufacturing or waste of purchased equipment.


Reduced Logistical Effort

  • Threadless interface removes the need to purchase float equipment with matching threads and metallurgy, eliminating stranded inventory due to casing program changes.
  • Enables operators to reduce lead times and costs by eliminating the need to pre-order and store additional inventory.
  • Can be acquired and inserted quickly if contingency strings are needed.


Increased Efficiencies

  • 96-99% composite construction allows for fast drill out reducing time spent drilling.
  • Large ID through tool maximizes running speed while minimizing surge pressures, contributing to significant rig time savings while running casing.
  • Surge reduction while auto-filling casing decreases costly mud loss and improves well control.
  • Positive elastomer seal eliminates seepage common in some conventional float equipment.

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