The Cast Iron Cement Retainers are ideal for squeeze cementing and well abandonment operations and can be set on wireline, drill pipe, tubing, or coiled tubing. Three variants of cement retainers are available for a variety of applications; all are designed to prevent the backflow of fluids and are easily drillable.


Ball Check – holds pressure from below during squeeze operations until the cement has set. The ball allows for bi-directional fluid flow once pressure equilibrium is reached.


Sleeve Valve – remains closed until stung into, controlling flow and pressure differential bi-directionally, allowing pressure testing of the work string. Stabbing through with a stinger allows cement to be placed during squeeze operations.


Poppet Valve – similar to the Ball Check variant, this retainer holds pressure from below during squeeze operations until the cement has set. However, the valve remains closed when at equilibrium.

  • Up to 325 degrees F standard temperature rating. Higher ratings available upon request
  • Wireline, drill pipe, tubing, or coiled tubing set
  • Drillable cast iron construction
  • Sets in casing grades greater than Q125
  • Anti-swab/anti-preset characteristics with 360 degree slips and angled backup design
  • Setting force held in place by internal body lock ring
  • Retaining rings prevent element extrusion
  • Sleeve Valve Retainer can be easily converted into a Bridge Plug
  • Brushes and Scrapers can be easily installed using a universal threaded adapter

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