The CBI™ Cutting Bed Impeller tool is a downhole drill string tool intended for use in deviated wells where excessive build-up of cuttings causes drilling problems, typically in hole angles greater than 30°. The CBI™ tool is an integral drill string component consisting of a short one-piece mandrel with no moving parts, and mechanical properties exceeding the specification of the drillpipe. Its hydraulic and mechanical dual acting mechanism removes cuttings beds inside the casing or in open hole. It is shaped in such a way as to agitate any cuttings which have a tendency to settle out of the mud in the high angled sections of the wellbore.

Watch an animation on the CBI™ tool:

  • Reduces torque and drag on the string while in drilling mode
  • Helps prevent twist-offs
  • Ensures cleaner and more stable hole conditions
  • Eases tripping and subsequent casing running
  • Improves mud log interpretation
  • Reduces stuck BHA
  • Improves ECD (Equivalent Circulating Density) control

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