The CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console provides hands-off control for a single operator on multiple tools, with a tablet interface that allows operator mobility and provides visibility of equipment status to drillers and supervisors.

  • Rig control connectivity and anti-collision systems (or ZMS) available
  • Dynamic equipment interlocks depending on tools selected to operate
  • Tubular exchange interlocks involving the auxiliary elevator require driller input before pipe can be released (can be enabled or disabled depending on application)
  • Bypass modes can be configured for rig-up and rig-down only and on a single-use basis
  • NEC Class 1 Division 1 compliant
  • Provides control functions for the following standard tools:
    • Hydraulic Spider/Elevator
    • Pneumatic Spider/Elevator
    • Automated Single Joint Elevator
    • Clamp Type Elevator (CTE™)
    • Remote Tong System (RTS/RTS-X)
    • FLUID GRIP® Remote Tong System

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