To continue to provide dependable, technically superior products and services, Frank’s International has designed and produced the Clamp Type Elevator (CTE™). The CTE™ is a remotely controlled, pneumatic actuated elevator which clamps onto the OD of the tubular to hoist single joints from the horizontal to vertical position, build stands, or transport stands around the rig floor.


Watch an animation on the Clamp Type Elevator (CTE™):

  • SWL ratings from 5-ton to 10-ton, depending on body size. Designed and manufactured in accordance with API Std. 8-C
  • Can be used for hoisting flush OD, tapered upset or collared-type threaded connections to eliminate having to use a high quantity of lift nubbins racked back in the derrick
  • Can be used for lifting single joints from the horizontal, building stands, or running stands at the main rotary
  • Tubular sections can be engaged from the horizontal or vertical position, enabling hoisting from the both the v-door and stand build areas
  • Tubular can also be removed from the elevator near the rig floor by passing the tubular through the hinged door located at the front end of the tool which can be removed as necessary
  • Can also be removed over the top of the tubular, remotely, with enough clearance to pass over most industry-standard integral joint connections
  • Reduction attribute of the Clamp Type Elevator product line allows each elevator frame size to handle a range of tubular sizes by switching slips, inserts, and guides in a matter of minutes
  • Slip system utilizes self-energizing tapered inserts
  • System incorporates Frank’s patented overload safety fuse device

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