The CYCLONE® Drillpipe Tong is remotely operated and has enhanced vertical travel height capabilities.

  • 150,000 foot-pounds of torque in both make and break directions
  • 270 degrees of rotation
  • CYCLONE® carriage can easily interface with Frank’s 7 5/8-inch and 14 3/8-inch casing tong cassettes
  • 2,000 foot-pounds of torque spinner output – can spin out triples of 8 1/4-inch drill collars
  • 3,000 psi hydraulic operating pressure
  • Tong and spinner have zero side load torque reactions on the connection
  • Dual grip force on backup, reduced force while spinning up and increased force when applying final torque
  • Drillpipe cassette system can be equipped with stabber or centralizer to aid in pipe handling
  • Capable of monitoring torque hydraulically or electronically
  • Remotely operated via pneumatic control panel
  • Spinner has a variable speed function to aid in make up of specialty drill string accessories
  • CYCLONE® vertical travel height capabilities enable make ups and break outs up to 8 feet

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