The Dart Catcher with Cement Sub was designed to enhance cement jobs and drill out for operators running large sub-surface casing strings in deepwater. The dart catcher is run near the bottom of an inner work string during deployment of a large sub-surface casing string. Upon the drill pipe wiping dart landing in the dart catcher, a pressure indication is created prior to the tool shifting into the by-pass position. The pressure indication provides critical displacement volume information to the service technician and operator.


Following the pressure indication, the dart catcher shifts to the by-pass position and allows for completion of cement displacement. The drill pipe wiping dart remains in the dart catcher and is retrieved from the wellbore upon removal of the work string, therefore enhancing drill-out of the casing shoe. The cement sub features a specialized material so that any equipment internal to the casing string is protected during stabbing of the cement sub and inner string. The sub is designed with down-jets that assist in pushing the cement in the proper direction during displacement.

  • Pressure indication at end of cement job for enhanced cement displacement
  • Simple, reliable design
  • Retrievable dart for enhanced drill-out
  • Soft nose for protection of casing component accessories
  • Down-jets for assisting cement flow

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