The FC-1™ Fill-up and Circulating Tool accomplishes fill-up by pumping through the top drive, and reduces rig time by performing fill-up and circulation without rigging-up accessories.

  • 4 1/2 inch to 26-inch fill-up and circulating capabilities for any weight or thread
  • Can accomplish fill-up during casing running
  • Circulation is achieved by slacking down in order to place the packer cup inside the casing
  • Eliminates spilling drilling fluids after fill-up or circulating with a mud-saver valve
  • Improves safety by removing personnel near pressurized lines or valves during fill-up and circulating operations
  • Axial movement to actuate the mud saver valve not required
  • During flow-back operations, fluid is transferred from the casing annulus to the mud pits as the casing is lowered into the hole and may be used in tie-backs in cased-hole applications
  • Flow-back application is intended for circulating conditions on liners and strings with sensitive pressure gradients
  • Option to add push down plate to 4 1/2-inch to 13 3/8-inch capabilities in order to apply weight from the top drive/hook directly to the casing string to aid in pushing the casing through obstructions

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