The FLUID GRIP® Remote Tong System was developed to address the challenges associated with corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars, with added remote-controlled operation to enhance safety.

  • Remote controlled operation of Frank’s FLUID GRIP® technology allows our operator and personnel to operate the system from a safe distance from the rotary and red zone
  • Non-metallic and truly non-marking gripping system completely eliminates die penetration to reduce corrosion on completion tubing
  • Provides an even distribution of gripping pressure around the tube body and conforms to the tube shape to reduce stress, distortion and galling
  • Frank’s patented complementary Collar Load Support (CLS™) handling system allows for a complete non-marking tubular running and handling system
  • Frank’s remote controlled FLUID GRIP® modular cassette integrates into Frank’s wide track carriage system to quick-change the tong cassette and accommodate a wide range of casing and tubing sizes

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