The FLUID GRIP® system is a proprietary non-metallic and truly non-marking gripping system for making up CRA tubulars.

For years, running expensive, corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars without causing damaging die marks was a problem. Conventional gripping systems with metal dies create damaging indentations, which reduce wall thickness and create stress concentrations, and accelerate corrosion. Tube body failures frequently occur in these areas. To solve these problems, Frank’s developed the FLUID GRIP® system in 1989. While others may offer low-marking systems, the FLUID GRIP® tong offers a truly non-marking and field-proven solution. For more information, please contact us.

  • The system enables 360° of contact around the tube body, conforming to the individual tube shape, thereby reducing stress, distortion and galling
  • Die penetration marks are completely eliminated
  • No work hardening of material
  • Built-in safeguards prevent pressurization of the system unless the FLUID GRIP® housing is properly closed and latched
  • Complementary Frank’s equipment includes the patented Collar Load Support (CLS™) handling system for a completely non-marking tubular running and handling system

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